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We provide wide range of training courses from basic to advanced level to various targets from young employee to executives.

We especially have many courses useful to management such as financial analysis or management accounting and we actually have many experiences of educating generalists other than financial or accounting people.


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What's corporation?

You can learn basics about corporation such as what types of corporation is available, what stock is, what roles shareholders and board play, how companies finance and what M&A is.

It is recommended to learn this course in early stage.

Financial Accounting

How to see and read financial statements

You can learn the principle and the structure of financial statements, that is, balance sheet, income stamement and cash flow statement.

This is a first step to understand accounting which is a common language in business.

Business game

You can experience how to prepare financial statements through simulation of operation of companies. You will understand how business activities are presented on financial statements as financial information.


You can learn IFRS in terms not only of its prescript but also of its essential meaning and the underlying concept. You can also learn its impact on internal control, business process, management accounting and IT systems.

Financial Analysis

You can learn how to look at financial statements through the filter of financial analysis. What is important about financial analysis is to understand the meanings of equations such as ROA, EVA and so on, which enables you to analyze financial statements more properly than ever.

Internal Control

You can learn how to desin, prepare and evaluate internal control practically not from auditor's standpoint but from companies' standpoint.

Management Accounting

Cost estimation methods and C-V-P analysis

It is the first step to look at cost in terms of variable or fixed in management accounting. In this course you can learn techniques for breaking cost information into variable cost and fixed one and C-V-P analysis using them through many exercises.

Decision making and Performance measurement

You cannot say management accounting if it is not useful for management and you can say it is useful for management when it is useful for decision making and performance measurement. Performance measurement does not only mean the way of monitoring afterward but important driver to behavior of people. In this course you can learn practical management accounting including these issues.

Cost management to strengthen companies

Cost is not just what to be cut because it is not only a cause of making cash outflow but also a cause of creating new wealth. You need to recognize this fact for practical cost management. In this course you can learn new idea on practical cost management especially focusing on fixed cost which is getteing important in all industories these days.

Practical budgeting

It is a big issue about budgeting that it has become too formal and political. One of reasons is that many companies manage budget by based on financial accounting not management accounting, though budgeting is one of specific instances of management accounting. In this course you can learn budgeting based on management accounting which is really useful for management.


Corporate finance

Corporate finance is integrated area of finance and investment. In this course you can learn the methods of finance, the cost of capital, decision making of investment, valuation and so on.


M&A is now very important means in management and there are many issues about it such as legal schemes, valuation, accounting and taxation. In this course you can learn basics about M&A including these legal and financial issues.


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