Tom Kaneko, a representative partner, has been providing consulting sevices since he became a CPA.

We are doing logical and practical consulting based on plenty experiences as management consultants and professional skill as a CPA.

It is also one of our strength that we have IT capability based on experiences as an IT engineer.

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It is important to make a direction clear before you start running. Struggling without clear strategy is just like going into a jungle without a map. If you don't have a map in a jungle, you may reach the wrong place though you thought you were going to the right direction.

We support to build practical strategy which does not end up with just a superficial logic or thick reports.

Business Process

It is no sense unless planned starategy is executed. You often need to change the way you are woking in order to execute the strategy well. That is, you need improve your business processes.

We design business processes in terms of efficiency, governance and a good fit with your strategy, and support to implement them in your organization.

Performance Measurement

It is people that execute the business processes, so it is a very important factor how people act. People do not act properly just by command because they act in accordance with a grading principle. That is why performance measurement system and compensation system linking with it are very important.

We can say it is a final key to success to design and implement perfomance measurement system properly.

IT Strategy

IT is not technical issue in corporations. It is nothing but management issue about how your IT system fits your strategy, how it makes your operation efficient and effective and how reasonable it is invested. We can call it real IT strategy to distinguish between where IT is to be implemented and where not to be considering your starategy and operational issues.

M&A Support

Now that various schemes of M&A are on hand, M&A is one of important means both for big companies and for SMEs to reorganize companies. But it is not always easy because it requires regulatory and technical knowledge such as commercial low, tax low and accounting pcinsiple, and you will need support by specialists.

We support your M&A in terms of strategy, integration of business, legal matters and accounting. We can

also colaborate with lawers if needed.


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