You can look at publication by Tom Kaneko as follows.

Financial analysis Ultra basic

(Shuwa System)


Many figures and illustrations make this book easy to understand about various financial indicators. This book is written in a very light manner, but it is full of deep implication as well. This book can be recommended for beginners of financial analysis and also for those who are in forefront of buisiness as well.

Principle-based accounting capability

(Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing)


In principle-based IFRS, it is critical to think things logically on your own feet rather than just to follow established rules. This book will helps you get accounting capability with local thinking. It also help you avoid overreact to IFRS.

Real reason wht management accounting doesn't work

(Nikkei Publishing Inc.)


In fewer cases accounting management is used for "ofense side" such as sales growth than "defense side" such as cost management. This book has tried to incorporate marketing theory into accounting management and proposes new paradigm of customer oriented accounting management.

Even though selling same products, one makes money and others not

(Cross media publishing)


Why one makes money and others does not even thouth they sell same products? It is because they do in different ways.This book focuse on their way, that is management, operation and thinking way and gives you various tips for you to make money such as sourse of profit, real values for customers, proper attitude for cost, meanings of productivity and importance of action.

Management accounting in IFRS era

(Shuwa System)


IFRS is an accounting standard just on behalf of investors. This is why it is not used for internal management by managers. This book clarify the essence of IFRS at first and explains why it is necessary to reconst management accounting system, how to make use of it, what kind of human resources are required and how to deal with IT systems.

Good cost and bad cost

(Zeimu Keiri Kyokai)


There are two types of costs; "bad cost" which is just a reason for cash outflow and "good cost" which is a sourse of wealth. So it is not so easy that you can only cut your cost. You should manage your cost. You will know today's issue about cost and original and practical solutions for it though this book.

All about management accounting basics

(Shuwa System)


This book covers basics of management accounting as comprehensively as possible with underlying key message: "It is not management accounting that is not useful for decision making." While conversation style and many illustraions make it easy for you to understand, it contains many deep implications. 

Accounting basics for System Engineers

(Nikkei BP)


This book contains basics necessary for system enginners with two parts: financial accounting and management accounting. These two parts are written independently and you can read either part as you like. This book can be recommended not only for those who are engaged in IT business but also for various people who want to learn financial accounting and management accounting at one stop. 

MBA financial accounting

(Nikkei BP)


Though financial accounting is based on regulations and rules, it is important for MBA holders to understand it logically. This book tries to explain financial accounting logically based on a few principles in order to prevent you from ending up with just memory work.

This book can be recommended for all kind of business persons regardless of MBA.


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